While using AOL Mail you might face errors that are required to be solved quickly. One of the most common errors that users face is of reading or receiving AOL Mail. For Fix Problems Receiving Aol Mail follow the troubleshooting steps given below. 

Fix Problems Receiving Aol Mail

  • Check Your Web Settings

At times, web settings send your emails to the trash folder or to another folder, instead of inbox. Hence, you are recommended to check your web settings and filters in order to fix the mail receiving problem. 

  • Look At The Delivery Status

Delay in transit of message can be the reason for not receiving the mail. This can be because of server instability, heavy internet traffic, routing issue, and much more. In such situations, it is recommended to ask the sender to resend the message.

  • Check Your Spam Folder

Sometimes the mail you are finding in your inbox gets saved in the spam folder. So, after checking the inbox, you must check your spam folder also. You have to mark mails that do not belong to the spam folder as “Not Spam”. 

For marking, you have to sign in to your AOL Mail account and in the spam folder, select the desired mail and click the “Not Spam” option from the top of the page. 

Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

Fix Problems Viewing Images

  • Look For The Attachments

The image you are looking for in the mail might be available in the form of attachment. Instead of looking just for embedded images, you must also check for the attachments in your mail. If it is an attachment, then you first have to download it.  

  • Delete Browser’s Cache

Cache or Cookies are the files containing the information related to your web search, stored for easy and fast loading of the websites. But, at times, these files become the reason for the loading errors.  Hence, for resolving the error, you must try clearing the browser’s cache files. In case you are still facing the issue, then, you must try loading the page again or you can also ask the sender to resend it. Along with this, you can also try resetting your web filters or settings

Fix Problems With Missing Emails

Due to third-party mail client’s settings, message transfer in the wrong folder, account deactivation, etc you might get the mail missing errors. For resolving the error, you must try the following troubleshooting steps. 

  • Check Other Folders

When email goes missing in the AOL Mail, you must start by checking the other folders. Mistakenly marking the mail as spam or filter can be the reason for the change in the mail location.  

  • Review Third-party Mail Client’s Settings

The main reason behind the error is the third-party mail client’s settings. Your program settings might delete your emails every time you check your email. For fixing the error, you have to mark your mail as “Keep email on server”. 

  • Check If Your Account Has Been Deactivated 

If you are not using your account for a long time, then your account might get deactivated due to inactivity. In such cases, the emails you have received during the inactivity of your account will get deleted and you won’t be able to find them in your mail. 

Fix Problems Reading & Retrieving Mail

  • Try Using AOL Basic Mail

In the situations of slow internet connection, it becomes difficult to retrieve the emails. So, you can try reading and retrieving the mails in the AOL Basic Mail platform. It’s less complicated layout can also work in slow internet speed. 

  • Check Pop-up Blocking

Blocking Pop-ups might cause the problem in accessing mails particularly if you have set your mail to open in a pop-up window. You can resolve this error either by disabling the Pop-up blockers on your web browser or try disabling pop-up settings from AOL Mail account. 

  • Disable Security Software

Many a time, security software prevents you to connect to AOL Mail. By disabling Security Softwares you can resolve reading and retrieving errors.    

  • Disable Protected Mode

In your Internet Explorer browser, you will get protected mode enabled by default. This might affect the working of your AOL Mail. In order to resolve the error, you have to turn this mode off by following the given procedure.

      • Open Internet Explorer browser.
      • Tap the “Tools” option from the upper right corner of the screen.
      • Select “Internet Options”.
      • Click the “Security” tab.
      • Tap the Enable Protected Mode checkbox to deselect the option. 
      • Save the changes by clicking “Apply” and “Ok”. 
      • Now, restart the browser and sign in to your account.
    •  You can also try resetting the browser’s settings and clearing the browser’s cache files for resolving the error.