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What is AOL Mail Login?

AOL Mail is a full-proof, innovative and user-centric electronic communication solution that runs over the internet. In short, this extremely versatile email service employs standard browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. to facilitate fast and reliable communication. In order to experience the performance of this outstanding mailing service, you must undertake a convenient AOL Mail Login process. 

AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail Login Process

The following set of instructions provide a step by step guideline to users for accessing their AOL Mail in the most simple way.

Open Browser

First and foremost, you should open an internet browser on your computer. You may find it either on your desktop or the taskbar i.e. at the very bottom of your screen. In other words, you should look for an icon of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Hence, click on any one of these browser icons to open it.

Access AOL Homepage

After this, access the Homepage of the official AOL website. For this, type in “ in” the address bar of your browser. Subsequently, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard for AOL Mail Login.

Go to Aol Mail Login Page

Next, you should look at the top right-hand side corner of this window. This window displays a Profile icon with Login/Join tab. Hence, click on it. As a result, it will open the login window. 

Enter Email Address

AOL Mail Login window allows you to access your AOL Mail account. For this, first of all, you must enter your registered “Email Address”  in the empty field. Here, you should remember that it is the same ID with which you created your AOL account. Along with that, this window prompts you to select the option for “Stay Signed In”. In other words, in case if you select this option. Then, you can simply access your account in future without going through the entire AOL Mail Login procedure. Thereafter, click “Next”.

Sign In With An Alternate Method

Apart from this standard method for accessing your account, AOL Mail Login is also possible through another method. For this, you should look at the very bottom of this window beneath the “Create Account” button. In other words, you have an option to log in with a “Facebook”, “Google” or “Yahoo” account. You can access your AOL Mail account with any one of these accounts. However, you must remember that it requires you to be logged in to the selected account. Else, it will prompt you to first log in to the selected option. Hence, click on any one of these options for the same.

Enter Password

The next window requires you to enter your “Password”. Hence, enter the corresponding password for your Aol Mail Sign In account. Here, you pay attention to type in the correct password accurately. This is particularly true because passwords are case-sensitive.  

Click Sign In

Finally, you should click on the “Sign In’ tab. You should closely follow the above-mentioned process in order to access your AOL Mail without any hassle.