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How to Access or Login to Your AOL Mail Account?

AOL Mail – Login to your Aol Email Account on or and Manage AOL Emails. You may also do Aol Signup, Aol Login, Aol Password Reset.

Aol Mail

AOL is an American web portal and online service provider. Originally AOL is known as American Online. It is formerly known as AOL inc . AOL Mail gives a safe and satisfactory email experience globally. It lets you customize your experience with a variety of features. AOL Email provides managing your AOL Calendar, creating and using folders, organizing your mail and etc. AOL has launched AOL Mail, it is a step to move from a subscriber-based service to a Web portal.
Aol Mail
Aol Mail
AOL Mail is a great email service provider with a simple and easy account interface. It also provide continual access with its App to your inbox on cellphones and tablets. You can create multiple usernames under one account. It is handy , if you want to keep your client email separates from the one you use to conduct business with your suppliers and other contacts. AOL Mail gives options like spam blocking to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox. It also provides service security that prevents potential harmful email attachments and messages from damaging your computer. And through this service you will also be able to create an online address book for your important contacts. When it comes to storage, AOL provides you unlimited storage for your messages. It attaches files to outgoing messages faster than other services. AOL Email includes both a trash and a spam folder. You can enable the spam filters and manually enter any email address that you want redirect to the spam folders. It automatically redirects phishing schemes to your trash folder.

Key Features Of AOL Email

  • It is a great email service.
  • AOL Email gives better method to keep away spams mails.
  • It comes with unlimited storage space.
  • Size of sending an email can be 25MB (email attachment).
  • You can filter through the automated email sorting.
  • Maximum mailbox size is 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages and 4,000 sent messages per screen name.
  • If all messages have 25 MB attachments then, Maximum 250 GB.
  • You can link your other email accounts from other service providers (Gmail and Hotmail).
  • It has spam protection, virus protection, and spell checker.
  • You can manage your contacts in AOL Mail.
AOL Mail has a vast range of products from A to Z but most popular products are AOL Mail, AOL Desktop Gold, AOL app for Android. You can manage your contact in your AOL Email and save up to 5000 of your contacts in one place. You can manage your contacts by adding, editing, importing, and exporting so you can always have the most accurate information about your friends, family and co-workers.
If you are downloading AOL Mail on your device then, you should know the minimum system requirements for it. For assuring best experience with AOL Mail or products and services use a supported operating system and web browser. Internet explorer still work with AOL Email but it’s no longer supported by Microsoft. You have to sign up for having benefits of AOL Email. And you can sign up and sign in in your account in no time. Create an AOL account:-
  • You need to visit AOL website, to create an AOL account.
  • Here, you can access an existing email account or establish a new account.
  •  You can enter your name, cell phone number and birthday to get started.
  • After That, you can choose the name of the email account itself.
  • Create an AOL email address.
  • It’s possible that the name you choose will not be available, in that case, choose a name as similar as possible to your name of choice.
  • Before continuing with the signup process, AOL will text your cellphone number to ensure that you are the owner of the account.
  • When you are done with the process, you can start using your account to receive messages to clients and business contacts.

Functions of AOL Mail

In this section, we are going to explain, How AOL Email works and from setting up an account to the service’s basic and advanced features. Get started with creating AOL Email account. The process of creation is given above in this article only. It is built with many basic and rich features. After logging into AOL Email, the main part of your screen will open up with scrolling headlines from AOL News. All of the main and real e-mail functions are located on the left side of the screen. From the left side, you can see a list of icons and folders. The first you will see  Inbox, it is the place where your received email is stored. Click on the inbox icon and you can view a chronological order of your received email. Here you can get your e-mails from newest to oldest. All of the basic actions like responding to and managing e-mail are available at the top of the Window:-
  • Reply able you to write a message back to the sender or to all recipients.
  • Forward will forward the e-mail along to another party.
  • The Action button is a pull-down menu with options like marking a message as new, flagging a message, moving it to another folder, printing it, etc.
  • Delete sends the message to your Trash folder. It is located on the left-hand side.
  • Spam sends the message to your spam folder. It will help AOL Email identity future spam.
They are the basic feature of AOL mail. Now let’s have a glance on the advanced feature of AOL Email. It includes a panel which you can get on the right side of the screen of mail. Panels are links to other online services provided by AOL or its partners. Most useful panels are –
  • On the right side of the screen, the AIM panel opens an embedded AOL instant messenger window. When you open the e-mail program, you can configure AOL Email to automatically log you into AIM. The AIM panels give all of the basic AIM features like your Buddy List and the ability to send IM’s, start chart sessions or send text message.
  • You can add a new task and due dates to the To Do panels with To Do list. On all of your received e-mails, there is a To Do link. If you have a subject of the email which you have to follow up, click the To Do link and an entry will be added to your list.
  • The Event panel is attached with the calendar application. Upcoming calendar events will appear in the Event panel. In every received mail there will be a calendar link. Click the link to create a calendar entry. This will appear both in the calendar application and the Events panel.
  • You can find a Blog link next to the calendar and To Do links. This button will create an entry in your AOL Journal, a free blog service included with all AOL Email accounts. You want to share your blogs with the public or limit it to your buddies.

Easy Transfer by AOL

It is a free service to import all your contacts and old e-mails from another e-mail application. You can transfer it by entering your old e-mail address and password. And your e-mail and contact will transfer into your new AOL account within 24 hours. It alerts your contact about your address change and forward e-mails to your AOL account.
AOL Mail works magnificently and it is a good choice to make. It gives continual access with its mobile application. It has everything you need for your business and personal use. It gives unlimited storage. It provides all the tools for writing and sending messages are clearly displayed and easy to find. AOL can upload multiple files of big size faster than any other email provider. Hence, AOL Email is a wise choice.